eManageSchool can do?

Customizable Website: First step of moving online is having a place for yourself on the internet. Yes, we can get you there! We create easy to use website with an even easier content management interface.

Admission System: From application, to selection, we have worked hard to understand the process and create a system to automate this tedious admission procedure.

Online Examination: Setting up examination center, conducting and then evaluation process – all this can be done with click of buttons.

Communication System: Sending out communication via SMS/Emails to selected group of people such as student, teacher or parent.

Other Services

  1. Analytics for your Website
  2. E-Commerce
  3. SAP Integration
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Social Media & Online Marketing
  6. Other Customized Software

How we price our services?

We understand that not everyone's requirement is the same; hence, we have broken our services into modules and featured to fit all budgets. To get your custom quote get in touch with us at our sales number or email us at emanageschool@xgenmedia.com